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Sometimes you need a Cadillac. Sometimes you just need a Go Kart. Most of the time it’s somewhere in
between. In any case, the tooling for molded plastic parts usually represents a significant investment.
Plastic Technical Services can make certain that you spend that money wisely.

Building the right tool to support your prototype or production requirements is one of the most
important decisions on the path to product realization. A poorly designed tool can hamper productivity
and quality for the life of the program. A well thought out tooling plan will lay the foundation to meeting your
requirements in the most economical way possible.

Knowing which tooling option provides the best value can be difficult. Like molders, some toolmakers
specialize in certain areas and knowing which toolmaker is the right fit for your project is critical. We know
how to balance tooling costs and production volumes to ensure you don’t overspend on your tool.

PTS has excellent sources for both domestic and overseas tooling, as well as affordable bridge tools. We provide the options and you make the call.

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